The Final Project- Grade 3 Bake Sale

Grade 3 Bake Sale

As an upcoming project for the Grade 3 students, we have been planning a bake sale. This is part of the learning experiences within the How We Express Ourselves unit 5. Our target is to sell a product to make money. This will be donated to KIVA a charity we have been supporting. The students have the opportunity to consider a product to sell to a target audience, to work out the cost per unit, find a recipe and make the sale item (while recording the process at home with parents), market the product, pay back a loan and calculate the profit.

The Grade 3 children were anticipating this project since we strated our 5th Unit of Inquiry related to money, goods, services and exchange. Many of them remembered last years Grade 3 Bake Sale and had some ideas of what they wanted to make and sell.

Bake Sale Bakers from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Here is the link to the introductory information to parents explaining the project on my class blog.

Here is the link to the flip classroom video and shared google doc embedded in the class blog.

This requires a lot of parent support as the cooking will be done at home and brought to school on Monday, April 28th.

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Student reactions to this project:

  1. Recording our ads for the bake sale from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

The children were interested in trying out a few different ways of recording themselves and were eager to draft up plans for advertising in a creative way in their groups. Some ideas weren’t fully developed and there were some students who were not happy with their initail presentations. Although they had some issues remembering lines and filming, they were enthusiastic and energetic when it came to reshooting to resolve lighting and audio problems.

Blog Buddies -sharing our work with younger students (customers).

Last year’s advertising and posters below:

Last year the advertising was done as a poster using cardboard pens and paper. Some of the students used cameras to take photos and print out the writing. The voicethread videos this year were emailed and shared by the students, with friends and family as well as other ‘customers’ in the elementary school.  They were uploaded to the class blog so the use of IT this year redefined the task enabling us to share with a much wider audience and advertise the bake sale at a level that would not be possible without the use of IT.

Student videos on Voicethread advertising the bake sale were made in teams and emailed to friends and family. We learned about writing emails and they were sent to parents, some grandparents and old friends who left YIS as well as friends from other classes here at the school.

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VoiceThread Rubric to evaluate the advertising

Bake Sale from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Here are some examples of Grade 3 D shared google presentation

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  1. Kim Cofino says:

    Absolutely amazing, Darren! I love the way students have used so many different mediums to communicate their ideas to an authentic audience! It’s great to see the student reactions and to be able to get an inside glimpse at their planning process.


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